Can I supply my own balloons?

No, we use the highest quality latex 100% bio-degradable balloons available to ensure quality and durability. Balloon installations last anywhere from 1 day to 2+ months depending on the conditions. 

How long will my balloon garland last?

For indoor climate controlled environments- balloon garlands look best the first two weeks of install and I have seen many clients keep these up as long as a 2+ months. For exterior installations, there are many factors such as high heat (over 85 degrees), direct sunlight, winds, rains, heavy storms, passers by, thorny bushes, and other elements out of my control. Outdoor installations last 1-14 days.

Do you do the setup and tear down the installations?

Setup is included in your customized package but tear down is the responsibility of the client. Tear down typically consists of cutting fishing line or zip ties, removal of command hooks, and popping balloons. If you would like me to come back to tear down, this can be arranged at an additional charge. Please inquire at the time you are placing your order. Rental items pick ups will be discussed as needed.